Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Greetings! I am Gretchen and this my website. I made this informative website as a task for Creative Writing, --an English as a 2nd Language and Web Development program. If you'd like to hire me, just use the contact form available on this page. Below is my Resume, and some samples of websites and articles I've composed before.

Graduated with honors from KZU
11 years of marketing and advertising experience (specifically for Internet based customers)
7 years of website creation experience.
Committed, goal-oriented professional with a taste for details.

Work Experience.
Creative Writing,2007 - Present
General Manager
In control of selecting a international group of writers to suit a demanding list of increased goals and objectives.
- Make new records for production, developing production by 18% internationally
- Effectively operated successive logs of project distribution
- Operated QA for global generation over a sizable group of writers

Self Employed Web Designer

Additional Abilities
Fluent in Portuguese
Superior competence using a extensive choice of office software

Samples of my writing

Administrator Password

If you are the one who installed Windows XP on your computer, you probably can recall the admin password you had set during the installation. To avoid having the password forgotten, it is... To read more click here...

Best Free Antivirus

With the name Microsoft as its manufacturer, quality is definitely an advantage. It is able to detect incoming malwares and viruses from the internet and during downloads. It is also capable of scanning the hard drives for any files that may have been infiltrated with a virus. Many people regard the Microsoft Security Essentials as the best free antivirus program since it is very simple to use and... Click here to continue..

Best Laptops

It has a powerful CPU and long battery life. It has a screen size of 17.3 inches, a 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7 quad core processor, 4GB 1066MHz DDR3 RAM, 750GB Hard Drive, AMD Radeon HD 6750M / Intel HD 3000 Graphics Card, OS X 10.6.6 Snow Leopard Operating System,... Read more..

Computer Repair San Antonio

There are websites with Readers Respond on its page where you can read the recommendations from several locals on a certain product or service. In case you like to view your favorite computer repair San Antonio, you can also make your own review and recommendation. Because of numerous computer repair company in San Antonio, sometimes a person cannot decide on where to bring his PC whenever it needs a repair... To read more click here...

Computer Screen Cleaner

The glass front side of the monitor might just be easily wiped over with a little bit of window cleaner solution with an old cloth. You can just rub it a bit with elbow if there were stubborn finger marks, then in just a few moments it absolutely looked like new. However is there an easy way to clean up a LCD/TFT kind of computer... Continue reading..

Computer Stands

The stand provides a more compact area for your computer compared to the computer desks. This stand can be purchased in materials like wood, metal or plastic. They're created sturdy and also intended to be able to match any kind of design. Generally, these computer stands enable the simple removal as well as changes of wires and... More on this site..

Computer Voice Generator

This is done with a computer that generates a distinct or most of the time robotic voice. Over the years, this type of software has undergone a lot of revisions and tests and it is only... To read more click here...

Cool Backgrounds

A wallpaper is your screen’s display or background image. It can be a photo or any image that you can set as a background for your PC. You can change your boringdefault desktop backgroundand choose from the millions of wallpapers that would... More on this site..

Cool Wallpapers

Simply by downloading online you can have different types of wallpapers for your computer. Cool wallpapers come in different forms. It can be a scenic place, pictures of children and babies, a famous celebrity or images of a fantasy world and animation. You can choose from different categories, just search it on your search engine, then... Click here to read more..

Edit Videos

To give you an idea, an hour of full-quality digital video footage from a mini-camcoder would be taking up around 13 gigabytes (GB) of hard drive... Click here to continue..

Funny Screensavers

But for those who are more adept in computer knowledge, a screensaver is actually a program in the computer that is intended to avoid phosphor burn-in on most computer monitors. This is done by either blanking out the screen or by... To read more click here...

How To Defrag

Secondly, you should clear all the browsing data history and cache of the browser you have used regularly. Thirdly, emptying your recycle bin is also a beneficial step. Both Windows Vista and XP feature a tool called Disk Cleanup that can be used to delete unnecessary files from your personal computer. Instead of this tool, you can also use another... Continue reading..

Installed Updates

Most people who will try to look for the updates will go directly to the Programs and Features application to click on the Add/Remove Programs... More on this site..

Keyboard Keys

It is one of the most used gadgets together with a PC due to its versatility and efficiency in terms of the immediateness of results when performing... More on this page..

Netbooks Review

However, they are not satisfactorily capable of running multimedia applications such as audio, graphics and videos. If only purchased as a secondary computer in the household to supplement a laptop or desktop computer, a netbook is a very good choice especially when it is used during travelling. The... Find out more...

On-site Computer Repair

But today, due to the increase in the demands of their services, these companies already offer a much more convenient and easy way to handle computer issues. That is on-site computer repair. The usual form of service is off-site solutions. In the off-site manner, the companies and people who own the computer unit will have to disconnect the... More on this site..

Screen Capture Video

This screen capture video process is very useful in monitoring computer operations especially in banks and other financial institutions. With the help of video capture programs, the exact activities of the user will be monitored. Other institutions that use these kinds of... Source of information..

System Tool Virus

This type of infection is under the rogue antispyware security program and it deceives you into thinking that it is an anti-virus program. In fact all of its scan results and security alerts are displayed to fool you, into thinking that your computer is infected when it is not. Malware is used to install System Tool on your computer without your permission and consent. Once it... Click here to read more..

Touch Screen Monitor

Touch screens can be placed on a small space. It also serves as both input for data and output as well making it very convenient. Having a keyboard and a mouse will no longer be necessary. With this feature of no additional input devices, the user can definitely bring them around. People can... Find out more...

Vector Format

The relationship between the two of these tools is also necessary to study. Some types of primitive object are the only ones supported by any vector file format. Almost all of these formats support fast rendering yet simple geometrical primitive objects such as polygons, polylines, lines, ellipses, circles, bezigon and Bezier curves. Most of the vector file formats support text, a bitmap image and color gradient. The texts supported are in... More on this page..

Network Speed Test

Another reason for people to have fast connection is that if they spend a lot of time playing online games, subscribing to various entertainment applications, making extensive research and most importantly, working. You may have noticed... Find out more...

Read A Book Online

Reading is one activity where almost every reading able individual does every day. Anything readable where human eyes come across with is intentionally or unintentionally read by the eyes. Before using or buying a particular product, most consumers read product labels. In school and in work, reading activity is very much exercised in both places even with leisure activities such... Source of information..

Send Large Files

You may choose between standard and deluxe version. If you cannot afford to buy them, you can download a free trial which you can usually use for 30 days. Compressing is not only limited to large files but also a folder containing various files. Another way on how to send large... Read more..

Banner Advertising

The ad is created from particular images of still or dynamic footages as well as animated form or plain textual version. Traffic in relation about advertising banners in internet refers to website marketing to internet users worldwide. Advertising banners are inexpensive ways of promoting certain products, firms and services to prospective global market internet users while at the same time beneficial to both the advertising website and as well as the linking website as it increases... Continue reading..

Blank Bill Of Sale

The involvement of paperwork is of vital importance in selling any kind of property. One of the most important papers is the bill of sale. This legal document serves... Find out more...

Blank Business Card Template

The dimensions of the card must be determined first as these would dictate the right size of the fonts, logos and patterns within the card’s printing area. If... Click here to read more..

Desktop Calendar

Desk calendars can be placed on top of a study table, an office desk or pinned to the cork board. These are actually great since people can just write all of the additional things that need to be accomplished in a certain date. But as the technology has advanced and everything switched from manual to electronic, there are now many people especially those who work... Find out more...

Photographer Business Cards

This could be a mistake. To begin, this isn't as simple thing to accomplish as many people think because there aren't many designs available when using Microsoft Office. Nevertheless, they may be really conservative since they're created for common business users like doctors and lawyers. Photographers need to have something more innovative that shines out. You... To read more click here...

Signature Stamp

Moreover, you may base the color of the ink on a particular season. For instance, a red ink is great during the month of love, February. A self- inking stamp is recommended if you do stamping on a regular basis. Unlike a stamp with an ink pad, you will not need to press a self-inking stamp on a pad to have it inked. The system automatically provides ink for the... Source of information..

Size Of A Business Card

The contents actually vary from one business card to another. However, the most important basic information should never be excluded. Different individuals from various walks of life make use of business cards. These include self- proprietors, shop owners, architects, engineers, sales persons, school runners, company heads, bank employees, insurance company officials, restaurant managers and a lot more. Business cards... More on this site..

Size Of Business Card

Perhaps, they are never aware of the importance of using the standard size of business card. Consider the fact that most recipients place their business cards inside their wallets or rolodex. They do so in order for them to look into and find easily the cards when needed. These card holders require specific standard card... Read more..

Sticky Notes

With the breakthrough of virtual sticky notes on computer desktop, cluttered spaces and misplacements of notes is now a history. Virtual sticky notes are way more convenient than the old paper sticky notes. Virtual sticky notes can beresized, placed anywhere on your desktop with options to hide, search and display later. Its contents, fonts, transparency, color and hyperlinks can be customized. When on screen, sticky notes remain in place even if computer... Find out more...

What Is The Size Of A Business Card

The very first thing to take into account while designing the card is your own functional business area. Simply put, the nature of your business should be obviously indicated by the design of your business cards. What is the size of a business card? This question needs to be answered first before you create your cards. You should instill in mind that standard business card size varies from... Click here to continue..

Textured Wallpaper

But aside from the look and design plan, you should also consider other factors when choosing the type of textured wallpaper such as the installation process and the maintenance. Fabric and Foil wallpapers are difficult to install and hang but the embossed types are easy to manipulate. When it comes to maintenance and cleanliness, vinyl and embossed wallpapers are fairly easy to clean and wipe but fabric and glass cloth... Read more..

Dictionary Definition

Humans have very inquisitive minds. Notice how young kids these days ask a lot of questions to their caretakers or everyone else around them for that matter. Their brains process the simple things with great complexity that as soon as they shoot you with one question about a certain topic expect to be fired with tons of follow up questions afterwards. And most of the time these kids ask the ‘what’ questions. Their ever curious minds will never be... Continue reading..

English French Dictionary

It will also help you determine whether a word is a noun, verb or adjective and how to use it in a sentence. It is also helpful in learning the correct spelling of words and it can also aid you in the proper way of writing French words. It is also a useful tool in... Source..

English To French Translation

You might have noticed that French is a very soft spoken language and is somewhat nice to hear. Here are examples of some words with English to French translation. There are a lot of dictionaries and books for sale that can help you with the basics or intro to French. You can also take up some classes for you to learn. These classes and dictionaries can be found on the... Click here to read more..

English To Italian

Learning another language takes time and effort. But there are a lot of good reasons why people should start learning Italian. If you are motivated, then you can easily learn the language in no time. Italy is a great country to travel. A lot of tourists... Find out more...

French To English Translation

You can have native translators who are experts in translating document from other languages to French language. They are highly trained to do translation in a specified time frame. Some of them even use tools that make their translation more efficient such as spell checker, online thesaurus, clipboard memory and programs that make translating web pages easier even without knowledge on HTML. There are also translations made by... To read more click here...

Russian Words

Russian is a Slavic language that is used primarily in countries like Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan. Although it is still not official, Russian language is also used in countries such as Ukraine, Estonia, Moldova, Turkmenistan and Latvia, This language belongs to the languages of Indo- European. It is also considered as one of the three components of East Slavic languages... Find out more...